Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Kindle Fire: E-Ink goodness is no more

I think even the dead know by now that Amazon has announced their own Android tab: called Kindle Fire, AKA iPad Killer (or Galaxy Tab Killer, Xoom Killer, *Killer).

Smart move but the media here in North America have no idea what they're talking about when they say this device could cause Apple et al problems. Not that I'm defending any of the already established tablets, it's just that nobody is looking at the hardware specs.

Granted not much is known about what's inside Fire's case but it's clearly not a challenge for, let's say, an iPad  - the new Kindle doesn't even have a camera.

Ok, most Kindle users probably will not care for the hardware because the price is exceptionally good when compared to other tablets. Some Samsung's tabs have similar hardware and are much more expensive.

I have a traditional Kindle reader and in my opinion it's an awesome reader only because of the e-Ink screen. Kindle Fire sports a LCD IPS display, which is not so great for reading.
Will Kindle Fire potential buyers realize that before rushing to the e-store? Maybe the new IPS display is better than I think it is and in this case I apologize Amazon.

My point here is that there's no point. Tabs and Phones are all about the apps and in Amazon's case: books. Android market+Amazon store have more than enough stuff to keep you busy.
If you want an e-book reader and a tablet, you will probably buy the Fire.

It's not out until November but Amazon is accepting orders (last time I checked).