Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Kindle Fire: Five reasons why we should get one

Amazon is really impressive.
Apparently Kindle Fire pre-orders are in the thousands per day already. I knew they would be successful but really? Thousands ? (I think the number yesterday was 50k/day).

Well, regardless I think it will not be an iPad-killer (gut feeling only) BUT I'm sure (gut sure) Kindle Fire will be a strong competitor to all tablets and pads alike.
Unless Samsung decides to cut violently the prices of their tablets, here's why I would buy a Kindle Fire:

1) Replace my old Kindle
Have a Kindle or any other e-Ink based e-reader but not a tablet? Buy a Kindle Fire. Even with the heroic efforts of makers of e-readers to add additional functionality like web browsing to their devices, we all know it sucks. Sure it can be used to reply that urgent e-mail if you don't have another option. Lots of patience required though. If only I had an Android device..

2) Amazon is behind it
New hardware is often expensive and whether you're a first adopter or not, the thought "what happens if anything goes wrong?" always crosses our mind.
And it's when things break that we all want quality customer service, something most people will agree Amazon is very competent at.

3) Small and light
I want a portable device not a tennis racket. Sure there are plenty of portable-sized tablets but are they really worth? Which takes us to the next reason

4) Very, very very affordable
Almost half its competitors price.
Sure the specs are not mind blowing but I don't think a tablet's camera will make much difference in my life (Fire doesn't have camera if you don't know). If I want descent pictures I'll use a proper digital camera. If not, I'll probably use my phone.

5) It's a Kindle on steroids
OK, not much of a reason my friends say, but if enjoy your kindle, you know what I'm talking about.

Now, have fun with your knew toy and remember: don't pay attention to what I just wrote. Follow your pragmatic inner voice.